Reliable conveyancing services in Geelong

Property Law

In addition to routine conveyancing services for residential, rural and commercial land transfers, we also assist our clients with spousal transfers, related party transactions, and other non-dutiable transactions such as transfers involving family farm or deceased estate exemptions. We are proficient in PEXA and Duties Online.

We also assist our clients with more specialised property law matters such as adverse possession claims, easements, restrictive covenants, caveats, and subdivisions.

Geelong is one of the few areas in Victoria that continues to have a relatively high proportion of General Law land contained in chains of title. Although the City of Greater Geelong made an application to ‘convert’ these titles into Torrens titles, the provisional titles that were issued from this application contain warnings as to subsisting interests. We are proficient at inspecting the General Law chains of title and issuing a solicitor’s certificate to remove the subsisting interests warning.

Our highly trained team have decades of experience working in the property law sector, giving us a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the following matters:


  • Residential conveyancing and transfers
  • Farm land conveyancing and transfers
  • Commercial conveyancing and transfers
  • Non-dutiable transactions
  • Mortgagee in possession sales and purchases
  • Off the plan developments
  • Land banking sales
  • Registration of subdivisions
  • General Law land conversions
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Terms contracts
  • Easement creation and removal
  • Restrictive covenant creation and removal
  • Caveat registration and withdrawal
  • Mortgage registration and discharge
  • S. 173 Agreements


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